Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress a student must:

  1. Maintain a “C” average or higher;
  2. Complete their course of study within 150% of the originally scheduled course length in weeks.

Each student’s progress will be reviewed at 450 scheduled hours.

Students who receive Title IV Federal Student Aid will have their progress reviewed by the Financial Aid Officer prior to each Title IV aid disbursement to insure the student is adhering to their course requirements pertaining to satisfactory academic progress.

            If a student fails to maintain academic progress, he/she may be placed on Financial Aid Warning, with the warning period not to exceed one progress review period, unless certain class failures result in the student’s dismissal due to WV State Nursing Board regulations.  A warning form will be completed, outlining the student’s deficiencies and warning completion criteria.  This form will be signed by the student and a member of the school’s faculty or administration. 

            Students on warning status shall be deemed to be maintaining satisfactory academic progress and shall be eligible for financial aid during the warning period, but they generally shall not receive any financial aid refunds until the terms of their warning have been met.  Students who fail to meet the terms of their warning shall be terminated from their course of study.

Termination Review:  Students may appeal a termination determination resulting from failure to meet the warning criteria set forth to remedy their satisfactory progress deficiencies by submitting a written request to the School Principal.  The written request for review must outline the student’s reasons for appealing the termination or provide evidence that the warning criteria were met.  The School Principal will, after reviewing the student’s records and consulting with appropriate faculty, make a final and binding determination, and notify the student in writing of said determination. 

            Students who are required to repeat courses within their program of study may do so.  Should the student require additional time to repeat any segment of their course, additional tuition will be assessed.  Any incomplete course work will have a negative impact upon the student’s average, and may also cause the student to be placed on warning.

            Some students may be required, as a condition of enrollment, to attend non-credit remedial courses.  While the student’s progress in such courses is monitored by the institution, the student’s non-credit remedial work has no impact upon the student’s maintenance of satisfactory academic progress.

A student may withdraw from school either temporarily or permanently:

  • Such periods of non-enrollment are not counted toward the student’s maximum time frame for completing course requirements (150% of the original course length).
  • A student shall not be re-admitted after (3) attempts to complete their program.
  • A student may be re-admitted so long as they were maintaining satisfactory academic progress at the time of their withdrawal.
  • Upon re-enrollment, the student will be granted credit for present time for completed course work for which the student had earned a “C” grade or better.

A student, who was dismissed from school because of their failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress, or for infraction of school policies, may be re-admitted at the discretion of the School Director and with the recommendation of the LPN faculty.  Such students will generally be re-admitted on a probationary status, the terms of which will be defined prior to class start on a individualized probation form.