Omar Elementary Staff 20-21

Marsha Jarrell- Principal

Jaimie Adkins- Secretary

Jaimie Adkins has been the secretary at Omar Elementary now for 5 years. Each kid that has passed through these halls holds a special place in her heart. In her spare time she enjoys sports, being outside and vacations. When she is not at school, she works as a realtor in our area. Jaimie is married to her wonderful husband, Wes, and they have a son named Jet. They are her sunshine on a cloudy day. She enjoys family, friends and above all else, her faith.

Psalms 86:11 Teach me they way O Lord, I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear they name.

Allie Paxton- Pre-K

My name is Allie Paxton! I am the Pre-K teacher for Omar Elementary! I have been teaching for four-plus years, and I enjoy my time teaching children!  I love to read, create art, sing, dance, count numbers, and draw stories with them! We have an amazing adventure in Pre-K! 

Lucy Thomas- ECAT

Alexandria Akers- Kindergarten

Pamela Jobo- Kindergarten Aide

Kathy Hunt – Kindergarten Aid

Kathy Hunt is an ECCAT Kindergarten aide at Omar Elementary and has been employed with Logan County Schools for fifteen years. This is her first year at Omar. She is married to Ronnie Hunt and is the mother of Brandon and the late Nick Hunt. She resides at Man with her family.

Angela Adkins- 1st Grade

My name is Angela Adkins, I teach 1st grade at Omar Elementary. I graduated from Marshall University and have been teaching for 8 years. I enjoy teaching at Omar because we are all like family here.

Morgan Christian – 1st Grade

Amy Campbell- 2nd Grade

Velma Starr- 3rd Grade

Ms. Starr graduated from Marshall University and has been teaching at Omar Elementary for 8 years. She loves whenever she sees her students engaged and their light bulbs come on.

Michael Williams- 3rd Grade

Mr. Williams graduated from Marshall University and has been teaching at Omar for 5 years. He enjoys building computers and riding motorcycles. He’s married to Janaya and together they have two sons, Talan and Maddox.

Serena Bradley- 4th Grade

My name is Serena Bradley, I teach 4th grade math at Omar Elementary. I graduated from Marshall University and have been teaching since 1995. I enjoy teaching here at Omar because the kids are great and the staff is like a family.

Jessica Smith- Special Education

Esther Browning- Special Needs Aide

E. Margie Browning is a Special Needs/Transportation aide at Omar Elementary. Margie has been employed with Logan County Board of Education since 2009. She resides at Harts with her husband Wayne and is the proud mother of four children and fourteen grandchildren.

Kelsey Gore- Physical Education

Mrs. Gore earned her degree in Physical Education and Health Education at Marshall University.  Since she graduated from Marshall, she has worked in Logan County at Logan High School, Chapmanville Middle School, and now Omar Elementary.  Mrs. Gore loves spending time with her family, going to church, and playing music.  

Gregory Bailey- Music

Roni Kurnava- Title 1

Ms. Kurnava is Kindergarten Teacher at Omar Elementary. She has a bachelors in Special Education, Elementary Education, and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, with emphasis in Special Education. She will be pursuing her PhD in the fall of this year. She is 24 and enjoys hiking/traveling with her family and dog. She is also from Pittsburgh.

Theresa Workman- Title I

Theresa Workman has been a Title 1 teacher at Omar Elementary for three years. She has been employed by Logan County Schools for thirteen years. She resides at Verdunville with her husband Foster, and is the mother of one adult son, Justin Workman who is employed as a bus driver for Logan County Schools. She is the proud grandmother of two grandchildren. In her free time she enjoys traveling to other countries.

Susan Baisden- Cook

Donna Tomblin- Cook

Synthia Glendenning- Custodian

Synthia (Cindy) Glendenning has been day shift custodian at Omar Elementary for five years. She has been employed by Logan County Schools for twelve years. Cindy resides at Lake with her husband Bill. She is the mother of four adult children and two grandchildren.