Dual Credit Policy

Policy Number and Title 5421.1

  • Dual credit courses provide students the opportunity to simultaneously earn credit for a high school course and a course from Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College
  • Instructors will provide students with a course syllabus that shall include the nature of the course, expectations, and requirements. Course requirement information must include course prerequisites, admission requirements, course content, grading policy, attendance requirements, course completition requirements, information on adding and dropping courses, tuition and other costs associated with the dual credit course, and other relevant course information.
  • The syllabus will cover the course content requirements for both the West Virginia Department of Education and the institution.
  • The alignment of the course content for dual credit courses was developed by a cooperative effort between Logan County School personnel and instructors from the institution.
  • Juniors and seniors enrolling in dual credit courses must apply to the institution and have a transcript, have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the date of enrollment, and recommendation from the principal or the counselor.
  • Students will pay for the course at the rate approved by the HEPC. The distrcit will subsidize students on free and reduced lunch who verify that paying the tuition would be a hardship.
  • Dual credit courses are advanced level, elective courses.
  • If a student plans to attend a college or university other than the institution providing dual credit, the student should check with that school's admission policy to ensure the transfer of dual credit coursework.
  • Students' grades for their high school transcript will be based on Logan County Schools' grading scale.
  • Dual credit course offerings are subject to the availability of teachers and sufficient enrollment.
  • Request for additional dual credit courses are submitted to the Director of Assessment and Curriculum by the high school principal or the dual credit coordinator at the institution. Course requirements must show an alignment of the course syllabus and the course requirements of both the institution and the West Virginia Department of Education.