Credit Recovery Program

Purpose: In order to help students become a successful High School Graduate, Logan County Schools is supporting a Credit Recovery Program that allows students the opportunity to earn credit for courses they have previously failed.


  1. Courses are provided by the WV Department of Education using the On Target Virtual School Program
  2. Students eligible for credit recovery are those needing more than one high school graduation credit - unless a graduating senior
  3. Math and English courses may be taught during lunch periods daily
  4. Students will be required to successfully complete the content standards objective for the course
  5. If the credit recovery is done during the school day (lunch break) the student may take his or her meal to the credit recovery classroom
  6. The student will receive a grade for the course taken which will be recorded on the student's transcript
  7. The student and parent will be asked to sign a credit recovery contract indication understanding the guidelines
  8. Misuse of computer software will result in a failing grade and removal from the program. If this occurs, no fee refund will be granted
  9. There is a fee of $75.00 per 1/2 credit paid to the Logan County Board of Education
  10. Once the student successfully completes the course, the fee will be refunded
  11. Instructors are provided by the On Target Virtual School Program. Instructors may be accessed on the website
  12. Logan County Schools will provide a teacher/facilitator to provide onsite assistance and monitoring of course exams. The teacher/facilitator will be at the classroom site from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday
  13. Available credit recovery course codes are available here
  14. The online instructor certified in content is responsible for grading assignments and providing instruction to students
  15. Students can access the material from home
  16. Parent accounts are available

Course Recovery Codes

Course CatalogFirst SemesterSecond Semester
English 940091C40092C
English 1040101C40102C
English 1140111C40112C
English 1240121C40122C
Algebra I30211C30212C
Algebra II30411C30412C
Math I  
Math II  
Transitional Math  
Social Studies/History  
US Studies to 1900 (American History)70091C70092C
World History to 190070101C70102C
Contemporary Studies/20-21st Century  
Civics/American Government  
Physical Science60111C60112C
Earth Science62011C62012C
Chemistry I  
Physical Education66091C66092C
World Languages  
Spanish I